If you use Linux/Unix, what data vendor you use?

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  1. If you use Linux/Unix, what data vendor you use?

    TC2000 and CSIDATA do not support Linux/Unix.

    Who support Linux/Unix?
  2. Have a look at www.prorealtime.com. They offer free EOD data and it's Java software, so it probably works under Linux.
  3. What are you looking for - access to the feeds, access to the raw exchange data, access for your Linux client, access to all ticks, access to aggregated ticks, there are many questions here. Sorry, if I am confusing things here, but I am unsure of what data you seek.
  4. I use TC2000 now. At the end of day, I run TC2000 to download the EOD stock price.

    I use window OS to run TC2000.
    But if I use Linux, how do I do that? I called Tc2000 and csidata.com, they both told me that their software only can be run using window OS.

    Questions is that if I switch to Linux (such as ubuntu), I have to find a data vendor which can support Linux.
  5. Euler


    It's possible to get this data off of Yahoo or Google Web pages. There are a lot of API's built specifically to download these data from Yahoo and Google; one I remember was called YahooQuote.pm:


    You may need to learn something about programming languages such as Perl in order to do this easily.

    What are you using these data for? If you are mostly focused on charting, then Windows has more options when it comes to GUI-based chart programs for the non-programmer. Of course, if you're a programmer, then I think Linux could be a good choice...:cool:

    That said, you may be able to run your TC2000 on something called Wine, which is a way to run Windows apps under Linux. A lot of trading/data apps run reasonably well to perfectly under Wine.
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    I use Linux and have a bunch of perl scripts I wrote to download EOD data, Industry/Sector data, splits calendar, etc.