If you use AIQ or Track data better read!

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  1. I tried out their product for 1 month. I get a letter stating that they have been hacked and my personal info has been stolen!:mad:

    Now the worst part is my friend, whom also uses them, chat with a CS and he said this happened 2 months ago and I was just notified 2 days ago! Fuck I am pissed. It took the losers 2 months to notify me. I have perfect credit, hopefully I still do.

    The FBI says this is fastest growing crime, like one identity stolen ever 60 seconds or something like that.

    If you use one of these companies better check your credit report and contact the credit card company you used for their services.

    It's not just these 2 companies, it's just that they wait 2 months to notify me that's what really fumes me.
  2. I got the same letter yesterday too.
    It sucks that they took this long to address the situation and notify the customer base.

    I used to use them for their S&P Fast Cash quotes over a year ago.
  3. Yeah the only good thing is I figured out which credit card, no thanks to them, and found there were no fradulent charges. They don't have a need for my SS # so no worries there. I will be freezing my credit though anyhow, this is the second time in 6 months my wife and I are the victims of identity theft.

    When I called them to verify credit card they said all they had in their database now was my name and address, whether that was true or not when they got hacked I don't know.
  4. Got a letter from Track Data a day or two ago, even though I canceled service 5+ years ago.

    My debit card's data base was hacked into 3 months ago so I was issued a new one. Tried to activate the card at the closest ATM. The ATM ate my card. My bank later said that ATM may have recognized the non-activated card as a compromised card, security reasons you know. So I had to call and cancel the new card and have them issue another.

    Not that they gave printed instructions, my issuing bank told me to activate the card at only at an ATM that they own, high security reasons you know, but I would have to drive about 50 miles round trip. Finally they decided to activate the card at the bank's office when I called.

    It took a couple weeks to get a card. Fortunately subscription services were not due. Hey, man! What happened to my quotes!
  5. Marck


    Has anyone tried checking their credit report as advised in the letter? I do not
    like to give them too much personal information, and they ask for your
    social security number, DOB etc that
    someone would need for identity theft.
  6. Yes, I used to use the free credit report sites to check my status 3 times per year.

    Over the past year I have received several letters including the most recent AIQ about database breaches.

    A couple months ago I decided to pay for credit monitoring, and instead of having to check myself, they send me an email once per month to let me know "All is OK", or will notify me immediately if any change occurs to my report. Well worth the $8-10 bucks a month. &^%$ Hackers, they can all go to &^%#!