If You Use AIM Instant Messenger

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Landis82, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Use a third party application like Trillian or Pidgin. No need to use the native AIM client. Personally I use Pidgin. Pidgin is simple, doesn't use resources and supports multiple clients.
  2. kinar



    Personally I use Miranda IM. Not only is it free but it is also open source (not a huge selling point for many people, but it is for me).

  3. I run AIM and Vista and do not have this problem

    My aolload.exe is running at 1976K of memory, way down the list of processes.

    My CPU load is usually at a few percent...

    Try completely uninstalling and reinstalling with the latest AIM
  4. tradedat


    i use an older version of aim (4.8). less taxing on my system. i've had the newer versions try to take over my computer.
  5. pidgin for the win