if you trade 1 million share a month..

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mrfong8, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. mrfong8


    so 12 million shares a year .... let say at average of 30 dollars.... tha'ts 360 million dollars worth of stock you traded.....

    if you make 100,000 on 360,000,000.... i can't read the sign on my calculator....

    what a competitive business......


    Were have you been? :D
  3. mrfong8


    come on 360 millions is lots dough

    and most ( at least me ) only put up 25k
  4. mrmoose


    actually it only 180 millon but i hear your point
  5. lescor


    I don't get it, are you complaining?
  6. what is the point of this thread?
  7. I think....
    he is trying to say that based on ACTUAL POSITION SIZE,
    the return on this amount is about 0.03%.
    If there was a 10:1 leverage on risk capital,
    then the annual rate of return from trading based on his assumptions would be a meager 0.3%.....
    which is where the "competitive" issue comes in.

    Hopefully, he has already deducted commissions...hmmmm.
  8. that means you hold at most 500k during the day. if you make 100k that is a pretty nice return. no wonder you probably don't make money