If you thought Palin was dumb,look at her supporters(video)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dsq, Nov 24, 2009.

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  2. Watch a rap or r&b video and you will see much much dumber.

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    Nice strawman.
  4. If you think they are bad, you should've seen the dolts last year voting for some guy running for president, just because he was black!

    Whats really idiotic though is letting a VICE presidential candidate that LOST an ENTIRE YEAR ago STILL get you all jacked up with anger when the biggest complaint that you really have about her is that she spent 150k on clothes and you think she is dumb.

    Why do you left wing nut jobs let this woman rile you up a year later?
  5. The implication of my statement was the rap and r&b "artists" for the most part and their fans are obama supporters and they are much dumber than any Palin supporter.

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    wow,post evidence of dumb palin fans who cant utter a coherent answer to very,very basic questions and the racists come out of the woodwork defending palin by launching racial slurs at blacks.Makes sense right?You guys here on ET just confirm the palin stupidity factor.
  8. The republican handbook is, and has been for decades to counter criticism by trying to redirect to what is wrong with the democrats via some strawman argument.

    Goes something like this:

    "Palin supporters are stupid."

    Republican response:

    "Obama supporters are dumber than Palin supporters."

    It doesn't bother them that Palin supporters are in fact dumb as burnt toast, in fact no sin of the republican party is bad...as long as they think some sin of the democratic party is worse...

    This dumbing down of America by denying any real criticism through immediate implementation of the distraction of a strawman would be easily spotted by educated and informed citizens, trained in critical thinking...assuming that were the goal of either party.

    The real bottom line is the republicans never actually have any defense that is not an attack on the democrats...

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    Has Palin herself ever described her policies more specifically than her moronic supporters in this video?
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    Republicans will always try to play the two-wrongs-make-a-right card or some other attempt to change the subject.
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