If you take a look at your long term equity curve, you'll be jolted for sure

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  1. Even really good strategies have very scary looking DDs in the long run
    When I recall all the things I had to learn
    You people don't stand a chance in the market, maybe 5 people on ET will make it that's it.
    But since ignorance is bliss, keep at it guys :)
  2. not a single one of you will make it as a trader

    you guys don't have what it takes

    sorry :(
  3. I retired years ago. All the draw downs since then have been in line except one. My trading automation still keeps humming through this market some call hell. Is it really good automation? Who cares. It pays the bills.
  4. COLD, trying to project your failures onto others won't work, no matter how many times you try under many aliases :)

  5. you are such a dumb little man

    when you blow up kindly think of me :)

    though you might not even have trading account :p
  6. u r ok

    99.9% here don't stand a chance
  7. 8+ years and going strong, sorry to disappoint you COLD.

    I know you desperately want everyone else to fail like you have but it's really not very nice of you. Some of us have earned and enjoy being successful. Not everyone can you know :)

  8. LOL its so funny you saying this

    and all those PMs to me begging to learn to trade

    reading my posts like some religious zealot

    pray to me, pray to your god, and I may have mercy

    keyword here is "may"
  9. PM's begging to learn from you...???

    AAaaaahahahaha :D

    Thanks for the great laugh my friend!

    But you do have one thing right, I have posted quite a bit back and forth with you. I never said I was perfect. To be honest, once you learn how to trade and can execute your method perfectly each and every time a trade setup shows up, things become quite boring. If I was more into politics, I'd probably spend time in that forum. But since I'm not, I look for other amusement here. And there isn't much. But you can be entertaining when you feel like it :)

  10. you people don't stand a chance in trading

    not a freakin chance

    competing against people like me

    you guys have no future in trading
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