If you start trading in 2004 and are still struggling

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    I wonder why.
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    one reason: lots of books you read are wrong, cluelessly wrong, but seemingly right.

    those books are very misleading. if you still believe those books, you are definitely in trouble.

    if you want to leave the trouble behind, you must wipe the poisonous words, sentences of those books out of your mind.

    took me a long time to realize the authors of those books are fucking clueless! that author of "trading in the zone" was an idiot, the guy was a total loser in trading, but wrote a book on trading and it was popular among newbies who are clueless. it was claimed that the book was about psychology, but I found it had nothing to do with psychology. nothing!

    redneck, if you are reading this post, you will agree with me, sooner or later.
  3. Double Fudge Packer:

    Do you ever post anything remotely useful to the trading community or even positive, you are one negative mother fucker.

    el pollo
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    are u totally stupid or what?

    I AM helping you!

    I said: burn your trading books!

    you think that is negative? you clueless motherfucker. yeah, keep reading "Trading in the Zone," idiot. It won't help u if u r trading in the commercial zone or residential zone.