if you spend more time on ET rather than charting, U R A FOOL

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by laptop, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. laptop


    first of all don't short tomorrow,

    tomorrow is a bounce

    but second if you come to ET to learn to trade,

    you are in the wrong place

    with people like blue streak, who knows nothing

    and people like Steve46, who knows everything but won't help you


    come to ET, after you graduate not before
  2. whats so great about charting?
  3. laptop


    oh good lord, how are you gonna learn to live off the market without charting
  4. Crowbar


    Nobody's billed ET as a got dam tutorial service, moron.
  5. romik


    "Porgie in a Laptop" by ET Police
  6. laptop


    with a name like crowbar

    you just show how dumb you are.

    you are so stupid that you don't know that 85% of people who register on ET are hoping to learn to trade here

    I will keep posting every few days this fact and fucked up morons like you CAN'T STOP ME
  7. Well, we can't know for sure who "lapdance" really is. Its true I think that there are a lot of needy, lazy folks here, just looking for handout. Also however, I have met a few hardworking, disciplined people looking for someone to point them in the right direction. I don't have all the answers, but when I see those folks I try to do what I can.

    Here is a link to my most recent post.

  8. mtb4u


    Well, I'm curious, so I think I'll sacrifice some of my priceless "charting" time to ask the ultimate ET newbie question:

    Why are you guys trolled?-Did you do something bad to this guy?
  9. laptop, did you get banned as elohio already?
  10. laptop


    yes I got banned because ET mods don't like the truth

    which is the whole point of this thread
    #10     Jan 23, 2007