If you see this van on Highway or your street, Run the other way quick

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    I apologize I don't know where to put this, I think this is important IMO

    This isn't about privacy

    These Government Vans give you 1000 times more x-ray gamma radiation than your dentist and all over your body not just jaws like in Dentist's office.

    Science of X-ray and cancer is fool proof knowledge for the last 40 years.



  2. Another reason to eat a well balanced diet of lead.

    Shield against x rays.
  3. I saw a bunch of those vans driving around Vancouver, they were obviously looking for someone in particular.
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    And gives you a nice tan of mental instability. If you think trading is hard now, try it with lead :D
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    you have come to the right board for your fellows.

  6. :D
  7. What is this van supposed to be?

    I might be a naive girl, but I just don't understand.
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    There is a link first post first page
  9. They are mobile xray units. They are only harmful to illegals trying to hide in cargo.

    But they also warm up the burritos and tacos nicely too.
  10. What is the risk of developing cancer from having X-ray tests?

    In the research published in The Lancet medical journal, the authors calculated that radiation from medical X-ray tests contributed approximately 14% of the annual exposure to radiation. The rest of a person's radiation exposure comes from other man-made sources and from the natural enviroment (known as background radiation).

    The researchers calculated that the additional radiation exposure (from medical X-ray tests) would increase a UK person's cumulative risk of developing cancer by the age of 75 by 0.6%. This is equivalent to around 700 of the 124,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed in the UK every year.

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