If you saw this dog coming toward you:

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Would you shit in your pants if you saw this dog coming at you?

  1. Uh, yeeeeah.

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  2. Nah. All dogs are big babies, even this beast

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care.

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  1. nitro


    Would you cross the street well ahead of time?

  2. nitro


  3. <p>not if he met my tibetan mastiff
    </p><img alt="http://hongkong.gingerasia.com/HtmlAreaImages/tibetan-mastiff-fierce.jpg" src="http://hongkong.gingerasia.com/HtmlAreaImages/tibetan-mastiff-fierce.jpg" />
  4. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Aahahahaha! If he have no leash and no person with him, I will cross the street.:eek:
  5. nitro


    What difference would a person make? You think even two men can hold this dog back if he got it in his head to charge you?
  6. nitro


    Just to give you an idea of the size of this dog, look at the picture when you have a large grown man next to him:

  7. I'd cross the street even if the dog was on a leash and had a handler. I prefer risk on my own terms.

    But I have become sort of a 'whisperer", most recently with hornets when I wanted to finish painting the eaves and there was a hornets nest. I came right out and told those hornets if they sting me they will die, I will win. They left me alone and I finsihed painting.

    Same goes for the dog. If I had a chance encounter, I will warn the dog.:D
  9. fhl


    <img src="http://image.blog.bitcomet.com/postpic/20090924/11407658_bpnblm090924022727.jpg" alt="some_text"/>
  10. nitro


    No what? The neo would swallow that dog whole, if the thing is even a real dog.
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