If you registered in 2002 and are still searching for holy grail on ET

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by BPtrader, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. you are hopelessly lost.

    look, 99.9% of traders fail, that's a fact, so accept it.

    if you registered in 2002 and are still hanging around on ET, you are in denial!

    man, get a life, trading is not for you, seriously.
  2. (%95 fail )
    (% 4 Fail ) but never tell
    (%1 Make it make it big big time
    How would you know where u fit if you never try it.

  3. if someone registered in 2002, he has already tried it, because it is 2010 this year, not 2003.

    if someone just started, and asked a lot of questions on ET, that is understandable, because he is learning.

    But if someone registered in 2002 and is reading any thread titled "winning system" or "holy grail," he is totally hopeless. In fact, he is an idiot!
  4. Bob111


    if you are registered on ET in 2009 and already have more posts than some people,who registered in 2002 and don't believe that there is a plenty of traders on ET making more than you are-you are the one who hopelessly lost. get a life pal..you are the one,who is in denial..
    here is my favored scrennshoot for ya from IB's platform,enjoy ! :)
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  5. I agree, trading is not for you, seriously. http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=191240
  6. Bob111


    BP-here is the pill for people like you,who can't accept the fact, that somebody else is better than him in trading..take one three times a day..
  7. schizo


    If you made over $1 M, why is the Total Net Liquidation only $28,162? Go figure.

    Hey BP, who are you to judge? Better yet, why are you still here after blowing up 5 times?
  8. Bob111


    here is picture of holy grail itself-
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  9. Bob111


    common man..don't blow it :D
  10. the holy grail isn't even that pretty.

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