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  1. you are not wearing them! :D

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    ok, here is the point of the thread. SPY is positive for the year and just had a minor correction but VIX spike is similar to some previous bottoms. too much fear? a good chance of a rebound short-term?

    i am not going to reply to trolls for some time. it's a waste of time.
    yes, Lucrum you are a troll believe it or not.

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    simple: SPY Short Term?
  4. notice how SPY refuses to go down. lots of fear with VIX pushing higher but SPY would not go down. i am not a market psychiatrist but this has to be bullish short-term.

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    SPY had a lift because the bernank reiterated that he
    would rather toilet paperize the dollar than let the market correct.
  6. whatever the reason for SPY going up, my point is SPY vs VIX. VIX is also going up. the fear and SPY are mismatched.
  7. If you buy gold, you make money when the VIX is up.
    And if you buy stocks, you make money when it is down.

  8. i know you called it correctly. but there must be a catch with your sure play. :confused:
  9. 2007?
  10. It works if long trend of both GLD and SPY are up? What if there is a reversal in one of them? (We know the answer if there is a reversal in both :D ).

    If there is a reversal in one of them, the results would depend on the proportions (like in a sauce)?

    Noddyboy is very very good! He is not as dumb as he looks.:)
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