If you post a lot, you are a loner, you maybe got money, But still a loner

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by mikasa, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. mikasa


    see I post a lot in the last few days

    and even though I visited friends and had dinner last night

    I reckon I am a loner for the most part

    I think good half of you are internet loners, Replace internet with nature walks

    suddenly you got a life :)
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  3. How do you define "a lot"? I've posted about 4 times a week since I joined. You've posted about 50 times a week since you joined. Is "a lot" more than twice a week, 5 times a week, 10 times a week, etc...?
  4. Lethn


    Have you ever considered that we're just good multi-taskers? :p
  5. bkveen3


    i think a lot is the 5 a day people. Thats right traderzone, you're a loser.
  6. nothing wrong with being a loner
  7. TGpop


    says the guy with nearly 1200 posts :D
  8. Is this the most pointless thread ever? It must be up there.