if you passed 30 and still didn't jot trading down, forget it, missed the train

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  1. this is a young man's game in terms of getting started and learning

    if you are past 30 and are looking into learning to trade

    you ain't got a chance

    not a freakin chance
  2. idiot
  3. oh yeah you got me you got me

    Mr. Poor deluded man
  4. Neodude


    To put things into perspective, could you post your age?
  5. 32 but started at 22

    let me guess, you will now say how I am too young and haven't been around

  6. Tell that to James Simon.
  7. I just googled the guy not bad

    but how many james Simons are here readin this post
  8. F U

    Offense taken, you eye-rolling, gum-cracking shallow piece of shit.
  9. Neodude


    No, I was going to say that maybe you are just a slow learner... Taking your experience and applying it to the entire population is naive and poor deduction at best.

    I do wonder, though, why you went out of your way to put-down an entire age group on an internet forum. Are your being altruistic and trying to save people from themselves or are you being a dick and boasting that you "made it" and everyone else should just give up because you are the best thing since sliced bread?

    No offense intended, just exploring your motives.

  10. You had to google James Simon????? Are you serious? That tells it all.
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