If You Owned ET, Would You Allow Trader28 to Rape and Pillage Your Site?

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  1. Simple Question:

    If You Owned ET, Would You Allow Trader28 to Rape and Pillage Your Site?

    Even if the kid generated a lot of page views thru his flame wars? Would that make his rape/pillage worth it?

    Heck if Baron wants more page views, he should create a porn section so ETers can jerk off while they trade which is how they trade anyhow.

    Or maybe Baron is Trader28?

    Maybe this thread belongs in feedback.
  2. Baron has already tried to ban my IP several times and I circumvented everything he threw at me

    He had the good grace to know when he was beaten and the good sense to know when to throw in the towel
  3. If I allowed Jack Hershey to make unsubstantiated claims like routinely capturing 3X daily range, I'd allow opposing views.
  4. Opposing views are fine. I've created lots of threads criticizing Hershey.

    But harassment is not okay. Trader28 is the kind of demented fool that will pm you telling you he wants to rape your mom if you disagree with him.

    Even though Baron can't block his IP address, Baron sure as hell can instantly ban and delete all of trader28's posts under every alias within 5 minutes. Why doesn't he do so if its that easy?
  5. Aeliodon

    As long as there is no threat to his advertising income, Baron has no reason to act.

    The logic is simple....You have Trade Maven and a few others willing to pay to troll for customers in this pond....YOU and others who stay here are the fish...as long as you and the other newbs stay around....this is going to continue

    As regards you comment about running a porn site. Think about it from Baron's point of view for a minute...If you run a porn site, sure you are going to make money but the rep is bad..."my son runs an Internet site...oh really? what kind of site?...." and the conversation goes downhill from there...This way...no such problem as long as the sponsors don't mind the posts about Naziism, violence and terrorism. Bottom line Aeliodon is you (all of you) are on your own...stay and put up with it or leave and find another sandbox to play in...


  6. It's true, Baron didn't try to ban me for the Hershey stuff.. but when I targetted Puretick he actually rang me in Australia and we had a nice heated conversation for half an hour.. he asked me to cease and desist pointing out the obvious about Puretick and I queried his policy of leaving racist posts and thereby validating them to a certain extent.. you couldn't really say there was any resolution on either side
  7. I have T28 aka bluebolt on ignore (obviously) but I'm pretty sure his claim about Puretick is a lie. I have been hammering the failed traders who run Puretick for the past couple of years, making sure newbs are aware that the method of trading they espouse is unworkable in the long run. Baron has never so much as said anything to me, much less called me. There are others who have been openly abusive for years. I don't think they've been called either.

    By the way, T28 aka bluebolt also PM'd me and vomited in my inbox with some teenage crapola.

    Baron is making a business decision by allowing this to continue. He made the same decision with the Anti-Semitic posts which were so prevalent for a while (undoubtedly to return soon enough).
  8. Well no offence traderNik but you are hardly what I would call threatening.. when I targetted Puretick I didn't take any prisoners.. you can confirm this with Baron if you like
  9. This place has never been more than light entertainment.. it's fun poking the SCTientologists
  10. Lucrum


    Too bad for ET you don't know "when to throw in the towel"
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