if you only have 100 days to live????????

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  1. dac8555


    I saw an interesting article on forbes "if you only have 100 days to live...what would you do?"

    Kind of fun/scary to think about.

    Ill start.

    Well, i already have had great toys...cars, motos, race car etc...but i might buy a lotus or something.

    I have already traveled most places i have wanted to visit...but i would like to go to Italy.

    On one thing for sure...i would have sex with a different hot girl every day. i would go crazy on the ladies.
  2. Jessica Alba.... 100 times...
  3. Pekelo


    In the style of Asimov:

    " I would trade faster." :)
  4. "On one thing for sure...i would have sex with a different hot girl every day. i would go crazy on the ladies.?"

    Your visa bill will probably be 500k, before you pass away! haa jk..
    I think I would pretty much do the same, maybe buy an Aston Martin or something instead.. or a Shelby
  5. I would turn off the TV, radio and computer for 99 days. During those 99 days I would spend time with my two brothers everyday. I would read my favorite books again. I would golf everyday...without a scorecard. I would spend every night with my wife and have no interest in any other woman.
    On the morning of day 100 I would once again turn on the TV, radio and computer. At that moment I would know that the previous 99 days were well spent, and I would die with a smile.
  6. nitro


    I would live one hundred days.

  7. Well its obvious.
    Discover the secret to life, find the holy grail, make squillions and kick off richer than anyone else.
    And leave your fortune to a pet budgie or something.
  8. ultranet


    Lets see...... too many things to do...
    What difference does it make...
    when u die, u die whether it is 100 days or 100 years...
    live the present day fullest..........
  9. So what prevents you from doing that right now? The fear that you might survive?
  10. I would spend more time with my son, and let him know his dad loves him.. ass a matter of fact ill go do that now.
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