if you missed the move down Jan move down

Discussion in 'Trading' started by OTCkrak, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. for a longer position trade i think the below levels will provide a good entry.

    my insight is that the dollar is driving equities based on recent action. ES will pullback to 1130 from the most recent low.

    the catalyst pushing the markets up for the next few weeks is that non farm payrolls for DEC will come in BELOW expectations.. Companies simply didn't add headcount during the holidays and postponed hiring for 2010. DEC was dismal in labor market.

    short EUR 1.435
    short Gold 1140


  2. JAN! NFP
  3. The market plunged the last two weeks when we had nothing but good news. If we have good news the next three days, how do you know the market won't continue plunging? The reason why the market did not plunge these last two days is probably due to the absence of any news.