If you made money shorting be careful. next we'll be the reason for the crash

Discussion in 'Trading' started by magnum29464, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Is short selling gonna become a crime? people who have never made money trading should have no say in SEC policy. The markets are no place for casual investors. If you can't take it go buy bonds..

    why the fukk do we even have a market?

    I'm so annoyed...
  2. The markets aren't here for you to make money.

    They are here for companies to sell ownership rights in exchange for cash they need to invest and run.

    And something for dreamers to gamble on.
  3. MKTrader


    "Gambling" implies you have no edge.

    There are plenty of edges...they just aren't easy to find. Apparently, you haven't found any...hence your bitterness and myopic view of the markets.

  4. please, after the creation of the NYSE that simplistic purpose has vanished. If thats your agenda sell your companies stock OTC. If we're looking a for puritanical version of the market there's alot more that needs to be done.