If you liked FMD then you'll like JBLU

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Port1385, May 11, 2008.

  1. Thoughts? I think it could break either way. last year it traded as high as 17 dollars and earlier in the year it almost doubled in a week's time. A nice volatile trading stock...

    I think you gamblers will delight in going long this stock. What are the chances JBLU comes out with a statement saying they are going into bankruptcy?

    I say to wait for it to break then make your trade. All you guys who traded FMD can make your money back with this one. You hear me byhiselllo and pumpndumper?
  2. Do us all a favor and time stamp your trade(s), no matter how many you make.

    Be specific.

    We can then sit back and cast judgment, and you will have a chance to revel in glorious rapture.

    Have you already entered the trade? It's now 9:00 pm est on 5/11/08.
  3. re-read my sermon up top. wait until it breaks. price is now at a point of decision. if it popped up, then i would buy into the trend the next day.

    i think its done going down, but im perfectly secure in waiting until that break occurs. until then im flat.