If you know how to daytrade I can teach you how to make $200 / hr playing online poke

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  1. I am dead serious about this offer. I want to learn how to daytrade stocks profitability.

    If someone is out there with a verifiable "edge" trading records / tax returns... I'm wondering if you want to swap skills.

    I have been a professional poker player for quite sometime
    06' and 07' were the sweet years making about $450,000 in 2006 and $550,000 in 2007.

    I still play poker, however not as much. I have records to verify everything. I still to date make over $200 / hr average. Of course, I can't get games like I used to, but that is my average. I rarely have losing weeks. Probably 1 losing month in the last 3 years.

    If you are a profitable trader who wants to learn how to play online poker, and willing to share your edge trading for knowledge on how to beat online poker. PM ME
  2. If you are so successful at poker, why would you want to daytrade? Playing poker is a lot more fun than staring at little bars forming on charts all day. How much money do you expect to earn per hour daytrading?
  3. man that's sweet sign me up...
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    Why can't you get games like you used to?
  5. Whiteout56 = Doyle Brunson.


  6. i thought it was helmuth

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    I tried playing Omaha Hi-Lo 8 qualifier, and I can barely break-even, and that is playing in the .10 .20 games.

    I have a friend that used to make a living playing poker when Party Poker was around. As soon as they closed that down, he has had a horrible time of it. Another person I know also said he used to make $100k+ a year playing poker, but when he did it in front of me in the same .10 .20 OHL8, he fared no better than me.

    My take is that people think that if they were profitable once they will always be profitable. That is clearly false, since the players they are beating are probably the worst players that are blowing out, or eventually they are getting considerably better, the result being that eventually your edge dies unless a huge influx of people that don't know what they are doing are replacing the old losers. This is how trading works too.

    I see this self-deception all the time in trading too, and it is amazing the parallels of people that go in and out of profitability don't get that the game is highly adaptive for at least these reasons.
  8. very very true

    that's why i always tell those who are having incredible amount of days positive in a row....don't be too cocky:(
  9. I thought they closed down all the cheating poker players?

    The market is a lot harder that ripping off turkeys with your bots.
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    What he's really saying is that he USED to be able to make money playing poker back in the day when all the newbie fish joined up. Now its alot tougher playing against the grinders and bots online so he wants to try trading.
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