If you knew when the next major down move will be

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  1. Alright look, no tinfoil hat here, just sayin', if you knew the exact date of the next MAJOR down move, and I'm talking precisely the date, what position would you put on the day prior?

    - 2X or 3X Inverse ETF's
    - Put Options on the Index's
    - Or?...

    (I don't/won't hold futures overnight)

    This is a market event, not specifc to any one stock, so the position would have to be on an index or similar vehicle.

    In a nutshell, what's the biggest bang for your buck.

    PM if you'd rather keep your comments private.

    I'm serious, please be considerate.

    Kind Regards,
    El Guapo
  2. You know of some terrorist plot or something???

    This thread has major sketchy implications
  3. achilles28


    Deep out of the money put options on index futures.

    What do you know? And who do you work for? BLS, perhaps? Bearer of bad tidings?
  4. ElCubano


    if you knew the market was going down on some major news , the first thing you'd have to do is not post it in this forum. Second anything outside of your regular trading size would open you up for further investigation...so make sure to litter it over many accounts...:D
  5. If you know then you want to maximize, eh? Far OTM index puts. Clearly.

  6. Would your date be April 23rd? "pi" day? I wouldn't say it is all that secret, it has been posted and talked about on here by a few, including me.
  7. No! I said no tinfoil hat stuff, no consiparacy stuff.

    "Just sayin'"

  8. Really? I'd be under investigation if I bet the farm on one trade? Come on? Really?

  9. No, not "pi" day! clever though.

  10. Yep, you would. Well, depending on how large a position your "farm" is. If you all of a sudden take an out-of-character size trade that just happens to coincide with an enormous macro based move, then that's clearly suspicious and you SHOULD be investigated. The chances of it being dumb luck are so slim. People don't bet the farm in the market unless they know something and if you do it the DAY OF, that's even more obvious!

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