If you just received 5 million dollars

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  1. Sit back and really think......real hard....use some imagination....what would you do if you just received 5 million dollars.

    Would it change the person you really are. Why would it make you happy? How would it change your life.

    Oh, yes....you're thinking of all the materialistic things you could buy....would that make you happy?

    What happens when you've spent all your money and you're sitting in your big fancy house, driving your big fancy car, wearing your fancy clothes....Have you changed? for the better?

    Remember, you still have to live with yourself.

    Why are so many wealthy people unhappy. Do you really think it will make you happy? for the long term?

  2. I would take extreme delight in being exactly who I am now. (and maybe take a few more trips abroad)
  3. if you have 4 kids 13-8 like myself you need 10 mil as my italiam grand-mother would say savva da money god rest her soul
  4. For me, that amount of money would represent freedom. I love to travel and visit places, and money gives me the means to do it. The more money I have, the more freedom I have to pursue my hobbies and interests.

    There are a lot of wealthy people who are unhappy for whatever reason. Generally, if you're unhappy before you receive a lot of money, you'll probably eventually be unhappy after the "high" wears off. In that respect, money is just like a drug.
  5. I have travelled to every continent with the exception of Antartica. I consider myself very fortunate to have had that opportunity while I was in my 20's-30's. With the exception of the Louvre, I have never visited another museum. There is so much too learn and experience from those that are still alive.
  6. Aaaah more of this money cant make you happt BS.

    Money is tool. It can buy freedom. Freedom from work
    which most people spend the vast majority of their lives at.

    Your telling me that if you didnt have to work you couldnt
    find a million ways to spend your time having more
    fun than work? Gimmie a break.

    I can think of several things I would enjoy doing tomorrow
    far far more than work. If I had millions of dollars and
    never had to work again, I surely would not be wasting
    my time at work tommorrow, I would be out playing.

    Which, of course, would make me far happier.

    I know one thing for sure. Its very hard to be happy
    WITHOUT any money. No money = no food, no shelter,
    no partying, no car, no girlfriend, no happiness.

    So many wealthy people are not unhappy because of money.
    Poor people are unhappy too. But your more likely to
    be happy if you dont have the *additional* stress of not
    having any money.


  7. hey axe, what's up man

    I don't know, I'm a lot happier poor and learning to trade than I was rich and entombed in an investment bank. is it work if you're having fun?

    I've known people who were trapped by their money too.

    Maybe if I had 5 million in my lap, I could fund my friends' artwork. That's a tough industry.
  8. "If you just received 5 million dollars "

    I'd be very very quiet. :cool:
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    Me too.

    :p :p :p
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    LOL - my first thought was where to invest it, and my second was how to avoid taxes.
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