If you have just open a $2000 account,what would you do?

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Mpas, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Pkay


    Thanks, any reason why you go with Trading View?
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  2. Pkay


    Thanks. Is there any reason why you'd focus on ETFs rather than individual shares? Won't you get bigger moves by buying individual shares?
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  3. Amahrix


    Hedge tails tho.
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  4. tommcginnis


    Less business risk, somewhat more market risk -- the effect of individual stocks is less (as you've noted), which means that there is less requirement to know myriad individual details. Yet, you can still have them grouped with a reasoned eye towards purpose. (Whether inverted, 2x or 3x or whatever...) Saves not only a boatload of time, but also worry.
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  5. MrMuppet


    Find a better analytics platform for crypto
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  6. I would trade Eurodollar calendar spreads with a holding time of a few days to a few weeks. Low variance price action and low margin requirements enable you to take some heat and work your position without getting your face ripped off in most cases.
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  7. tomas262


    with passive income and free time you can trade MNQ. try to make avg 2 bucks per trade per contract net (10 bucks risk 20 bucks profit), make 10 - 30 trades a day with up to 3 contracts. when capital grows to at least 6k or more switch to NQ 1 contract, add lowest margin futures spreads to diversify and better use of free capital ... this requires having an edge obviously
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  8. Overnight


    What advice would you have given before May 5th, 2019?
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  9. MrMuppet


    Nice idea, but you learn nothing from it. I traded STIRS for years and back in the day it was an execution game intraday.

    Nowadays, swing trading STIRS is just like watching pain dry
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  10. shatteredx


    take $2000 margin and buy $4000 SOXL
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