If you have just open a $2000 account,what would you do?

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Mpas, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. dozu888


    $2000 is the last thing you want to worry about right now.

    your biggest asset is actually YOU! say you make $50k a year, that is like a $1m bond yielding 5%.... why do you focus on the pathetic $2k when you have a $1m portfolio?

    so what is the answer?

    if you are making $50k, get some training a jump to a job that makes $100k, then more training and jump to a $200k job.... then you become a $4m bond and you have just made $3m!

    that's what you need to focus on right now!
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  3. mm2mm


    aint that what these prop shops give you? like e2t and tst...
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  4. Daal


    The avg US income is $50K a year. Get a job and build a real trading stake, like $30-$40K
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  5. Turveyd


    What i did 20 years ago was trade stocks, then next 2k furures, then next $200 forex.

    20years on, I’d blow it on hookers and walk away never to consider trading again.

    Although going full time again next week,got 3 months to make wage+ or get a job and quit.
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  6. S2007S


    What broker or brokers is best for the new micro indexes?
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  7. volpri


    I think AMP might give really good comm rates. I don’t have an account with AMP but from what I have seen on ET seems like folks are saying they give good rates.
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  8. Buy1Sell2


    Passbook Savings
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  9. Turveyd


    $100 opening min, $50 margin on NQ i think maybe YM? Open a trial $200 account next week.
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  10. Reality QFT.

    Made me think of someone on a blog claiming to be trading yet couldn't afford to upgrade their 10 year old laggy computer. In that case even part time trading is a questionable use of time.
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