If you have an idea that might save America...

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  1. ...who do you share it with? Is there any way one can get paid for it? Please share any alid avenue--but if you want to joke or share cynical comments, please do it about less serious things. .:)
  2. What might save America would never sell politically..
  3. The Dude is wise!
  4. America does not need saving. The quest for perfect life is admirable. S***t happens no matter your intentions. Get a bigger shovel. And ENJOY the ride.
  5. TGregg


    I can tell you what they will try - massive deficeit spending, huge tax increases and nationalization of some (all?) of the banks.

    Just because this never ever works doesn't mean it won't this time with such a swell group of guys in charge, right? :p
  6. It could work, if the one in charge is infinitely wise and infinitely good. Who can that be? None I know.
  7. Humpy


    My guess is you got a whizzo scheme to save America ?

    OK lets have it !

    As for getting paid ? As John Mc used to say " YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS !! "

    You gets paid for agreeing with the head man - not telling him
  8. Afraid that's right. Americans don't want to hear or believe, "things are the way they are because the Gummint/Powers WANT them this way"... still true.
  9. real simple

    quit borrowing from foreign nations to spend $275,000 per job in a job creation program, that we give to foreign workers at the rate of 140,000 per month

    wont solve all our problems, but it's a start

    patient "doc, i have this terrible pain in my foot."

    doc "well, quit pounding your foot with a fucking hammer - DUH!"
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