if you have a holy grail, what would you do when you are too old to trade?

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by trend2009, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. trend2009


    if you have a holy grail, what would you do when you are too old to trade? are you going to publish it? or give to kids but whom have no interests in trading?
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  2. Hopefully you have saved enough that you can just live off of a low withdrawal indefinitely. Then enjoy the rest of your life.
  3. dozu888


    don't worry... you will never have this problem.
  4. imjohn


    Trading is not a demanding activity. If one can't trade (assuming they want to), it's doubtful they will have capacity to do something else.


    "I'm too old to trade, but I can...[]?
  5. IAlwaysWin


    Seeing that fear and greed are the reasons 90% of manual traders fail. I'd automate and let it run with a few as needed adjustments here and there. If you truly have an edge, you'll be able to let your machine build unlimited equity for a lifetime.
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  6. gaussian


    I'd trade. Go work at the local supermarket to get some cash together. You found a holy grail - may as well use it.

    Don't want to use it? Sell it or burn it. No sense in keeping it around.
  7. schizo


    Have you never heard of automation? If you don't know how to code it yourself, hire a professional programmer.
  8. maxinger


    Just let it decay because it cannot be transferred.
    also holy grail has to be personalised.

    Trading is more of an art rather than science.
    You can transfer technology from person to person.
    You can teach a person about science and technology.
    You can't teach a person to paint a multi million dollar painting,
    or carve an intricate priceless jewelry.
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  9. gkishot


    The question the OP is trying to ask is "What would you do to pass your holy strategy on?" Maybe try to sell it to a hedge fund.
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  10. Wheezooo


    I vehemently disagree. I'd provide my opinion but will instead defer to the guy who said the following in response to themickey's following comment: "Trading is the game where only the few can achieve, it will always be this way."

    "Agreed. It's an arduous task. I think "only the few" have the resources (i.e. energy, focus, significant time, ...) and determination"

    Now if I could only remember who said that????? Damn.. It'll come to me eventually...:rolleyes:
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