If you had to wake up at 4:00 AM every day?

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  1. I have to wake up at 4:00 AM local time (6:00 AM ET), to get at the trading office before 6 o'clock.

    To get 8 hours of sleep, you need to get in bed by 8:00 PM.

    Would you rather take a nap in the afternoon and get to bed by 10:00 PM?

    Sometimes you feel like cindirella when leaving social reunions before 8:00 PM.
  2. why not tivo the market?? :confused:

    then sleep in late :)
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    i go to bed at 12 and wake up at 5 during the week so i can study up on my trades before work... if you're motivated you'll have energy to wake up early
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    Do you need 8 hours of sleep? I used to think I needed 8 hours, but have reconditioned myself to 6, and have never felt better.

    Secondly, siestas never tend to rejuvenate me, but I suppose it's just something you'd have to condition yourself for.

    An acquaintance of mine trades several global markets, sometimes 18 hours/day. His office is in a penthouse, he has a bedroom setup, so during weekdays he'll just sleep there. On weekends he'll go home. (He doesn't have a family).
  5. Just yakking, but mornings are my absolute best to study and think, it seemed the prior amount of sleep didn't matter just so I had some. I could go to sleep at midnight, get up at 4,5,6 7,8 it didnt matter, I'd wake up and hit the floor running.

    I found when I really need to hit the books hard, I needed to create two "mornings" a day for max effeciency. I would take a nap and repeat every ritual as if it really were morning.

    Took a little practice but it worked, on the flip side, with a little training, one can just about achieve the same effect without the nap. More like a second wind or like doing "warm ups" before a race (the morning) and then the actual race any time, say after lunch for example.
  6. I get up at 4 every morning during the summer to work. go to bed at 11-12 pm. No coffee, No caffeine of any kind, and a short nap in the afternoon is perfect. Too long of nap and you are drowsey the rest of the day
  7. Sleep in.........Get your ATS going, let it trade the Eurex session and early US morning and have some fun money to trade US in the afternoon after the lunch period.

    I traded from the west coast for the last 10 years and It was a 5:30 start for the econ numbers....but now I get to sleep in except for unemployment Fridays and than trade the close while the ATS does the heaving lifting over night and early morning.

    I have to say that this makes the afternoon better to trade as I can take off if no range is there and still have the ATS running on 10 markets and can catch some moves.

    I posted this because after 3 years of work and coding, recoding and than testing the last 8 months we finished this last quarter with a nice juicy return for managed and personal accounts and after raising a baby for three years it is nice to see it walk and not fall on face. ........Trade well to all on this holiday thin trade.....I am going golfing.

  8. Why don't you trade from home? You can still socialize with other traders via the internet.

    Also, why do you need 2 hours to get to the trading office? Is it a long commute or you have some very complicated daily morning routine?

    I wake up at 6:00AM PST and start trading when the market opens at 6:30AM PST. I work from home though....
  9. funnily enough 60 Minutes had a bit on sleep a couple of weeks
    ago where researches were stating 8 hrs is a must in order to
    maintain oneself as a socially acceptable person - sic

    I'm trying to shift over to an arbitrary 4am wakeup tho I don't
    need to be up that early, I'm changing from what might be a
    graveyard schedule and working from home, trying to get to
    sleep regularly at 11pm is impossible so far
    first thing in the morning I need my cup of tea and read of forums
    first before I look at charts — an hour, but given the es D range,
    think I could get to it at almost any time for a few points and not
    be concerned I must see the open

    I can work with naps but the real killer is the weekends
    when I was a broker on pstime I'd be going to bed Monday at
    2pm and sleeping through to a 4am wakeup, and yes it screws
    one's social life if one's dedicated to the sleep and start time

    is it worth it . . .
  10. I work at a trading company, that manages accounts. Trade mine as well too.

    Wake up, dump, take a shower, shave, iron clothes, dress, drive to work, park the car (in the very last basement of the building), take the elevator. Get trough many coded doors.
    Yes, it takes 2 hours.
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