If you had to pick one publication...

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by orion19, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. orion19


    If you could only pick one publication between...

    * The Wall Street Journal
    * Investors Business Daily
    * BusinessWeek
    * Barrons

    ...which one would it be?

    Which one is the most informative/educational/relevant to trading?

    If I've left out a better publication, chime in and let me know.
  2. The Economist
  3. orion19


    That's a good one. I should have added that.
  4. dinosaurs


    don't forget Financial Times
  5. IBD, for me is the way to go. Have a friend also who will swear by it. He decided toquit being passive in his IRA he rolled from a previous job, and following the IBD method he is up 50% on his money in 5 months. Have to see if he can continue, but I may quit daytrading and join in.:)
  6. gaj


    ibd blows the others away - it actually shows how to trade. the others are business publications.
  7. buylo


    Scrap'em all and go with Trader Monthly.
  8. Div_Arb


    You mean "Watch-Maker's Monthly"? LOL!

    IBD all the way - everything else is toilet paper, IMO.
  9. mark2


    I vote for IBD as well.
  10. ganesh6


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