If you had the stock market Holy Grail?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by crgarcia, Mar 27, 2007.

If you had the stock market Holy Grail?

  1. Would keep it secret and keep a low profile.

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  2. Bluff and boast, without actually revaling it.

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  3. Start an expensive Internet suscription service offering investment advice.

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  4. Start a hedge-fund.

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  1. If you had the stock market Holy Grail?
  2. Hmmm...if I had the market Holy Grail I'd easily make money in up or down markets....

    Hey! That's what I'm doing now!

  3. bighog

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    I would sell it to Jack and spyder.. .. :D
  4. Poll results speak for themselves, but why do pikers (both institutional & retail) and "non-trader gurus" continue.....?? Most of us here would not even tell our spouses if we found the "Holy Grail" let alone sell it for £200, or even run the risk of trading it as a hedge fund and having your prime brokers reverse engineer your strategy ! Low profile and surgically enhanced hotties in French Riveria would be enough for most blokes here.:cool:

    What would be the W/L ratio ??
  5. Exactly! You anticipated the point where I wanted to get to.
  6. I think the answer to the poll depends on if the grail is a strategy that has no scale limit.

  7. Nice to know am not the only one awake.....its 0328hrs in here London:)
  8. There is only one Holy Grail. I AM THE Holy Grail. I am no secret.:D
  9. ozzie123


    Well as a matter of fact I have. Beside that I just spot a "HolyGrail" -- the poster above me, the thing that never fails me on the stock market is support and resistance :)
  10. What do you consider a "Holy Grail"? A 30%-38% return from the market for the last 17 years---Is that considered a "Holy Grail"??
    #10     Mar 28, 2007