If you had one book by your bedside.

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  1. If you could only keep one trading/stocks/futures/investing book by your bedside to refer to every night before you went to bed so that you were "on your game" the next day...what would it be?
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    The Bible...It prepares my mind for the challenges of the day like no other book
  3. Reminiscences...
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    On Bullshit
    by Harry Frankfurt :D
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    Oh, for crimeny. Take it to chit-chat. He asked about trading books. Some people can never resist an opportunity to try and shove their mythical crap down your throat, no matter how inappropriate or off-topic.

    As for trading books, I'm a TA guy, so something like Murphy or Edwards & Magee.

  6. I've just finished "High Probability Trading," by Marcel Link and I think it might be a decent candidate.
  7. lol

    For me I like a bit of light reading so something entertaining and amusing that also puts my meager trading goals into perspective, so apart from reading ET....

    'Golden Handcuffs: The Lowly Life of a High Flyer' by Polly Courtney

    'I Don't Know How She Does It' by Allison Pearson

    'At Bonus Time, No-one Can Hear You Scream' by David Charters
  8. Icarus5


    My notebook.

    I would use it to review everything that I wrote down about the day's action, my good trades, the information that I gained, the books that I read, the relevant comments that I heard and my mistakes for the next four years.

    At the end of those four years, I'd know how to trade.

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    This passage from "Come Into My Trading Room" by Alexander Elder:

    Years ago, when I began my recovery from losing, each morning I held
    what I called a Losers Anonymous meeting for one. I'd come into the
    office, turn on my quote screen, and while it was warming up I'd say,
    "Good morning, my name is Alex, and I am a loser. I have it in me to
    do serious damage to my account. I've done it before. My only goal for
    today is to go home without a loss."
  10. On the flip side of mythical crap.

    Introduction to Astrological Technical Trading by Myles Wilson Walker

    Price: $50.00
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