If you had a Million bucks in cash.....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nexen, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Nexen


    How would you invest it, for how long and where?

    Would be interesting to come back to the replies in the future and see how we all did.

    I will post mine when it's complete.

    Thank you for participating.
  2. Lethn


    Why the hell would you INVEST a million dollars? I'd start my own damn company!
  3. What makes you think some of us DONT have a million bucks cash?
  4. Casino. Invest it in poker, blackjack and slots.
  5. haha. Reminds me of a story back when i was a dealer in Las Vegas. There was a dealer working over at the Horseshoe who liked to play keno on his break. One day he won! He won $30k dollars. So on his next break he went over to the craps table over at the golden nugget. The table was in the middle of a roll and the guy said "Gimmie $27,500 across" Next roll...

    7 out, line away.

    Easy come, easy go.
  6. +1...
  7. The whole point of investing money IMO is so you do not have to start a company. Why start a company, deal with all the hassles associated and work 100 hours a week when you don't have to?
  8. Put it all in Verizon and collect $65,000 in dividends a year.
  9. hayman


    Who are you....Jim Cramer ? Kiss of death, when he has this stock as an ultra-buy.
  10. Buy gold.:p
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