If you got a big directional position before the weekend....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Daring, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Daring


    This is the time to say so, not on Monday :D
  2. I'd be extremely rich in new year!

    SP 500-up 100 points;
    Crude Oil - up 3 points;
    Gold - down 100 point...and so on...

    Tomorrow's paper:D
  3. Daring


    So many elite traders so little with transparency :)
  4. Sure! I'm game. QQQ February 64 Calls. $1.69
  5. Daring


    Ok Im long 25 DIA puts....
  6. luisHK


    long various stocks and index futures, even short a few ES put and strangles. Might cost me quite a bit more than the Xmas holidays in Switzerland :eek: - which are slightly disappointing btw, should have gone to Scandinavia
  7. lol - so true

    Quote of the year candidate entry just in time
  8. luisHK


    Short looks better ...
  9. I have no position.

    You're all crazy. :)
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