If you go into Cash where do you guys put it?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by BA736, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. heating oil futures.....6 months ago..
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  2. Be wary of 'one-way' forex bets, euro official warns. Jean-Claude Juncker of Luxembourg, who heads a group of finance ministers from the nations that participate in the European single currency, said ministers and bankers took note of remarks by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson that a stronger dollar is in the interests of the United States.
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  3. I try to keep my cash in the Stripers G-string
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  4. A euro savingsaccount. It yields only 2.75%.
    Which reminds me, I must find a better deal :)
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    If you have any and can become a member, usually your local credit unions will have better rates and terms on CD's.

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  6. during the great despression, gold (and expecially gold mining stocks) did very well.

    You can get gold mining stock ETDs (like XAU) and also funds.
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    TreasuryDirect... purchase and hold 3-Month US T-Bills electronically. The safest and most liquid cash investment vehicle available imo...
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  8. Buy some GOLDBARS and wrap them up nicely and bury them under a flower bed. That is your best hedge against economy. Don't forget to Mark it with a stone etc.
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    Money market accounts are not cash. They have risk, and the extra interest you earn is *pathetic* and definitely not worth it.

    Cash = t-bills, or fully insured bank accounts. That's it.
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