If you go into Cash where do you guys put it?

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    Im very nervous about the economy right now, and am not advanced enough to short. I was thinking of liquidating some funds and stocks and sit in cash for a while and see what happenes.

    Im trying to figure out the best place to put the money since from what I was told even the money markets were affected by the MBS's. Is this true? Also how would a bond fund be right now, and if so what kind.

    Im thinking the job market weakens causing further weakaning of the housing market causing more job losses. Then confidence will be shot, both consumer and institutional money managers.

    I have two emerging market funds and an international large cap index fund. Im thinking of getting rid of one of the EM funds.

    Ok if I liquidate stocks its between (not my picks) TWX, LOW, CSCO any ideas on which one to get rid of first?

    How do people think about yhoo medium term, takeover?
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    Buy physical precious metal and store outside the banking system.
  3. anything but the us dollar
  4. FYI

    From what I can see at Bankrate.com, it looks like the CAEL safe and sound rating for AmTrust Bank is a 4 and the star rating is a 2 (Below peer group).
  5. I'm not sure I understand. As an example, could you draw me a map to where you have your stash hidden?:D

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