If you get mostly losses, then you are a loser?

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  1. Losses-losser
    The terms seem related, at least grammatically.

    If you are mostly lossing , then you are a loser?
    (it might also be losses from things not related to trading)
  2. e.g., loss of mind. :D

    but it might be a good thing if the mind is lost, because trading losses won't even register in the mind.

    Isnt't that true of most ET posters here? :D
  3. Day Trading is tough to do ..losses can happen to people who are otherwise successful in other areas of life. So my answer is no they aren't losers...they are risk takers
  4. if not losser, maybe a tosser. hehe
  5. no, not at all...because you could have 99 x $1 losses and 1 x $1,000 win and your a big winner
  6. Many small losses
    A few big wins
    You have a loser with money in the bank.:)
  7. Experiencing periods of loss in your trading life can lead to useful experience and learning about yourself as well as the markets I have found.
  8. Like teaching you the lesson to never daytrade again?
  9. Not necessarily , but it certainly won't be my focus for the future..there are times when daytrading can reap fantastic rewards.
    When I reduce the frequency of my trades , they become winners more often. (especially true for daytrading)
  10. garcia

    you are used to slapshots giving and taking

    Lets talk like father to son

    from the heart

    You obviously know that great many lose at trading. For that small minority that made their millions day trading.

    Are you aware of them.

    Have you ever asked what makes them different. If you believe they exist that is.
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