If you get into ANY business without previous experience, you'll fail?

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  1. If you get into any business you don't know (not only trading, may be restaurants for example)
    You'll fail?

    You need previous experience, maybe you or someone in your team that worked in a similar company to learn the skills?
  2. Bill Gates didn't do so bad
  3. That is why you gotta love whatever business you choose, If there is a part of a particular business that you don't like, ta da, weak link, it'll be your down fall.
  4. Some workplaces desire people without experience who are easily trainable. Those with experience sometimes have bad habits that are difficult to unlearn.

    The key to survival at a job where you have no experience is the following:

    - Come clean and admit to the people who run the place that you have no experience. Dont "fake it" during the interview and tell a story. Admit to yourself that you really have no experience.

    - Learn quickly. Only ask a question once and learn from each experience. Do not make the same mistake twice.

    - Be confident, but not overly confident and cocky. Stay quiet and shadow others until you can learn the job.

    - Take the time and effort to learn the job. Do not just come to sit at the desks or occupy space. Move around and shadow others. Actively learn.

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    Is this forum full of unthinking people ? Ricerocket simply pasted the last reply without adding anything. ? .

    About the original question, it is unanswerable.

    If you succeed the first time out, and there are plenty of examples of that, you will not be asking such a question. If you failed at trying something new, asking such a question makes it seem like you are grasping at anything to justify your failure. Blame it on lack of experience is a good standby. There are plenty of people who did things right the first time and everytime after that. Genetics or preparation or both. Also why would someone from your "team" who has what it takes wants to submit to you, who has no clue ?