If you feel a little bit tense listen to this...

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by dhpar, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. dhpar


  2. after watchin only a little of that i feel like slashing my wrists!
  3. OMG. There are things that are merely awful and then there are things that are simply, exquisitely appalling.

    Thank you so much. *kiss*
  4. asap


    now i see why youtube got sued.
  5. Now I wish I didn't know Russian.
  6. dhpar


    I think the visual part is even better - I just love it...
  7. I almost spilled my java on the laptop when I saw this. I think they should be on the American Idol, or rather Russian idol asap. That rhythm and those dance moves, something this bad you just cannot fake.
  8. Next thing you know, someone'll be posting a Ukrainian rapper.
  9. romik


    Who are these motherfuckers? Laskovij Maj (Part Deux)?
  10. john99


    Where can I buy the CD? :eek:
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