If You Doubt The Existence of The Plunge Protection Team

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    Why does the woman who insists that the PPT is behind GM's stock price rise then advise people NOT to invest in large caps? If the PPT is there keeping prices up surely we should all be investing in them, at least until it all goes belly up.
  2. lol, new low for ET posting Al's propaganda.

    you guys are beyond help.

  3. stock777:

    Here is NewsMax, admittedly a tabloid, BUT a favorite tabloid endorsing a neocon philosophy and vantage point, with an article saying the same thing, essentially:


    The New York Post:


    And, the Washington Post:


    The Telegraph UK:


    Ben Bernanke's admission (you have to read the relevant portion):


    Those links took me 9 seconds to find.
  4. Grow up. The PPT is there to prevent an artificial meltdown of asset prices so the public doesn't get screwed out of all their holdings as margin calls come in and stops are hit.

    And they can't reveal every detail as that would allow even MORE gaming of the system than we have now.

    This assumes there is even such a thing as the PPT.

    You Anarchists make me laugh
  5. You are very conflicted.
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    How would an artificial meltdown occur? (not being a smart ass):eek: :eek: :eek:
  7. Its called panic. Ask the shorts what panic is, they can tell you first hand
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    No doubt the PPT exists. The real question is are they involved in the market day to day, propping up GM etc. or are they on the sidelines waiting for a 2/27.... or are they waiting for something worse than 2/27 ....
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