if you don't want to own it--RENT IT

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  1. This is actually not a bad idea. I thought you were going to post something on renting spinners, it's just a sad sign of what this country has come to, renting rims:D

    I guy I used to work with said .........

    If it floats, flies, or f*cks it's cheaper to rent!:p How true

    How appropriate for that website.

    My friend's Dad flies for one of the multi millionaires here in Denver on a Bombardier Challenger, costs about $30 mil. He said acquiring is the cheap part the maintenance and upkeep is the big $$$.

  2. cool. im trying to figure out the true cost of membership, the group membership option looks too cheap to be true.

  3. Is this what they hope to have, or what they really have? Its really not that expensive compared to some of the country clubs out there.
  4. Looks like a fancy time share deal. Do I get a toaster oven for attending a sales presentation? (I really do need a new toaster oven.)

  5. i don't know. it looks like they actually have these items in each location--agree, its not expensive relatively and the toys look great, way more fun than a country club!


  6. for you , a one week lease on a "smart" car.

  7. has anyone tried this club.service? wondering about the reality of it and want to speak to someone who has used it and not a referral from the company.
    we don't want 2 b the guiniepigs

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  8. wow that site is cool
  9. tortoise


    at a glance, seems dubious...i can imagine a really long waiting list for some/most/all of the locations/doo-dads while your membership fee clicks along at 200+/day. think about it, folks -- think about the trouble and expense incurred by netjets/flexjets to ensure that planes are available at 4 or 6 hours notice. go to their websites to read all about the steps they've taken to address the issue.

    now look at vita's website. not a whisper on this subject.

    either these vita geniuses have figured out how to really do it right, unlike those pikers who work for warren buffet, or...

    well, you do the math.
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