If you don't primarily use price/fundamentals/news to trade, what do you use?

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  1. Mr_You


    Simple question...

    If you (or someone you know) are profitable, what is your primary buy/sell signal if price/fundamentals/news is secondary in your decision?

    Some options might be:

    - Advancing Issues
    - Blackbox (any sort of signaling/call service)
    - What else?

    Please try to stay on topic.
  2. Price Drivers-- a combination of inputs that occur prior (hopefully) to an actual directional price move in the shares. In the age of HFT, following price makes zero sense, negating all forms of TA, one must anticipate it in order to participate in the move. surf
  3. emg


    Trading is rocket science and the requirement is advanced math. its all about solving numbers (formula). subscribing signal call services or educational vendors are for loooooosers.

    In addition, those use TA are losers as well. u have to be a rocket scientist to become a successful trader. I don't see MIT blackjack team subscribing calling signal service. MIT blackjack team is not DUMB

    Higher Education is the key to become a successful trader.

    Higher Education!

    More than 90% of small traders lose. They just lose!
  4. MadeMan


    What are price drivers? And isnt HFT non directional , mostly ?
  5. Correct, they are part of the reason TA and other "price following" methods fail to work. Drivers are anything that causes price to move, other than price itself, obviously. I am not permitted to describe any further, but using this idea as a base, one should be able to discover what I am talking about. surf
  6. Handle123


    TA fails for you and many others, but not for those who have taken years to know how to become good at trading using them. I have spent years, decades, at many different avenues or forms/methods at entry/exits. One can look at a simple moving average and say it divides up price, and yet I see same moving ave and see several different purposes.

    People lose for a host of reasons whether they use TA, price action or darts, usually it is lack of discipline, being ill prepared, under capitalized, not understanding the markets in which they trade, being lazy and boredom.

    I have heard the term "Drivers" in the 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's and now, each decade someone thinks it is "new", but often times it is an old method with a new twist, big deal. Price is agreed upon by what someone willing to pay for it and Supply/Demand causes prices to go up/down as well but more importantly how bad you want it.

    And the ones who cries the loudest are the ones who have thousands of posts in a couple years. They waste so much time posting where they should be spending that time backtesting.
  7. NoDoji


    I have two key trading methodologies that do not involve the usual drivers:

    The first one is based on emg posting the price at which he's planning to go long or short while he's hanging out at Volente's Bar and Grille. If he's planning to go short at a price, I immediately buy at the market and set a profit target 2 ticks in front of his anticipated entry price; vice versa for a long call.

    emg clearly has the math know-how and higher education necessary to choose precision entries and I take advantage of the rather large spread between price at the time of his announcement and his desired entry price.

    (I imagine this would be best described as a form of arbitrage, or possibly "front-running".)

    If emg isn't active and I have a strong need to trade but am confused, I the use this backup method:

  8. Mr_You


    Thanks NoDoji for the contribution....

    I'll take a guess that marketsurfer is referring to, probably, his own Advancing Issues.

    NoDoji I have also thought similarly about such Blackbox arbitrage. Would be an interesting task to investigate.
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    this is good
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    Maybe marketsurfers infamous "Price Drivers" are actually specific market participants that move the price. Let me tell you, its so much fun guessing what people mean. Uggh
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