If you don't like the Bailout, then do something

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  1. More like a mad panic into any sort of hard asset.
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  2. Oh my God... another loonie who believes writing a letter to a politician does any good. Thanks for the giggle. Get back to trading before you make me laugh.
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  3. There ya go. This works, if done properly. Sure, they arrest the first few thousand of ya, but unless the news spins it as some religioous event worthy of firebombing, you might get some traction... a hell of alot more than writing a letter that will go unread and recycled!

    The trick is to not leave until they actually do something. Promises are for campaigns, not for change. One reason why Hussein will change NOTHING.
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  4. Mecro


    This is pretty much the quick solution. Have you done this yet?

    To take it a step further, I think the best solution would be pull out cash out of banks, start community barter systems, stop watching ALL primetime TV and main channels, stop paying all taxes, stop buying all major corporate products.

    No need to march or riot or take up arms.
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  5. Nothing will work until there are 100 Million American's who "get it", are fed-up with the crapola, and willing to march on Washington.

    Not gonna happen in any of our lifetimes, sad to say.. :mad:
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  6. Mecro


    Marching is a waste of time, you only validate the powers which you are unhappy with.
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  7. clacy


    Are you going to put your money where your mouth is? I would bet not, but taking your toys and going home is what children do when they don't get their way.

    I would suggest that you help bring change from within rather than packing up and leaving.

    This country has it's problems, but I don't think it's beyond repair, nor can I think of other places that I'd rather live.
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  8. mind


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  9. Agreed. I have travelled the globe and am always glad to get home. There are places I can go and not miss the US (or domestic women) for awhile, but nowhere on earth boasts the freedom and cleanliness of my life in America. Let those not so inclined to surrender their citizenship and be gone.

    Caveat: This opinion is subject to change depending on Hussein's new middle-class taxes and social structure, as proposed.
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  10. G-Boa


    If investors remove their funds from the market and re-allocate it to real estate (on the cheap I might add).

    They will be limited by 30-50% down, required by U.S. lenders.

    Alternatively, they will seek non-U.S. bank lenders....liquid Middle-East, European, and Asian banks...and get, for example, 10-year fixed with adjustable up to a capped rate for the remainder.

    Outsourcing the lending industry, in the blink of an eye.

    Why would sovereign wealth funds back Wall Street paper versus REAL assets like property??

    Interesting times ahead!
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