If you don't like the Bailout, then do something

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  1. Your idealism is touching.

    Elected leaders of any party do not follow the will of the people. Electing still more newbies will change nothing. You disagree? More idealism, nice. But it clashes with reality.

    I have already done as much as I am going to do. I paid off all my personal and corporate debt. I eliminated waste at the local community level and have taught others about responsible money management. My family knows to pay cash for everything or wait until they can do so. My kids own homes they paid cash for. No financing and they worked until they could do it. They didn't borrow against tomorrow.

    I am happy with my preparations for this mess. We will be just fine. Those who relied on credit for their lifestyle are going to get royally screwed soon... by their own impatience.
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  2. That's the problem Amerika is all about unfettered capitalism, well except for no short selling circuit breakers and so on. Capitalism when it benefits corp. Amerka, regulations when it doesn't.

    I have seen some say health care is a privilege, oh ok let's privatize they police dept. and when you wife is getting raped they will ask for a $500 deposit before dispatching. Sounds logical doesn't it. :mad:
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  4. You are conveniently overlooking the fact the Republicans push for complete deregulation of banking industry. This steaming pile of doo is the responsibility of both parties.
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  5. Don't like the CRAPOLA going on in America? Suggest you pull a "Jimmy Rogers".. cash out your chips and LEAVE AMERICA.. PERMANENTLY"...

    Otherwise, get yourself plenty of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly... You're gonna need it!!
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    Second best post of the year !!!!

    IF I was an American you can bet I would be doing this exact thing.
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    Writing is effective, in my opinion. If and when enough people write them, they get the picture that there is pressure on their position. I email my representatives all the time and I don't think it's a waste of time.
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  9. Regardless of the damage to the free market, prepare for the greatest real estate boom of all time over the next several years.

    Sovereign wealth funds and forced low rates will combine to push all realestate into the stratosphere---

    Good times are here!!

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  10. 'you can't fight city hall" LMAO :D
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