If you don't like the Bailout, then do something

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  2. Good idea I just did. It's easy with e-mail. I hit 3 in a few minutes. My stance is I don't trust, rush to put it through, like hmm Iraq war and Patriot Act. No let em go down my house price is going down either way. They are just trying to save their bonus. Bush the most corrupt president in history.
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    You still got the 2nd Amendment, use it before you lose it.

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    Good point by OP. Loudly tell Hank and Ben about your own CDO, "Civil disobedience and outrage," which can include everything from protests to insisting on a discount of taxes you pay. I won't urge tax dodging -- and don't urge it -- because I sure don't want those private contractors Hank's sure to employ to feed this Debt Godzilla itching to make an example of someone (yours truly). I don't need higher taxes AND Blackwater knocking on (or down) my door.
  5. I doubt it would make any difference at this point. If you really want to make a statement, go to cash. Physical cash. Pull your money out of the markets and out of the banks.

    It doesn't have to be for long - and it won't require all that many participants to get the message across.
  6. The best option is to VOTE!
    Rally to get some real leaders into government - not the elitist corrupt scoundrels you are flipping coins between.

    I don't think you guys understand the scope of this yet...
    Just wait until you guys start hearing the heartbreaking stories around Christmas...

    You need some people who can deal with the financial SYSTEM - not just a simple regulation. You guys need something --- and now for something completely different - Monty Python Flying Circus style...
    Get some new bearings. Toss out the corrupt tissue, cut it off, kill the cancer.
    Do a double mastectomy NOW - before it take you all with it.

    The US never had FREE MARKETS - just corrupt scoundrels revving up the old pump-and-dump credit.
    The corruption is widespread through the White House down to the financial institutions and "old money" families.
    The elitist priesthood has been amassing you guys into a nationalistic chant and frenzy like speaking-in-tongues-crazy.
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    At the risk of being slaughtered by you lot (I'm an Aussie so I have a pretty tough skin), let me ask this question:

    If you chaps hadn't kept fking it up (87, dot com and now the credit crunch), you wouldn't need to be constantly bailed out.

    Can Americans really handle a laissez fair market place? History doesn't support that you can.

    Maybe you should have some more regulations, if for nothing else to keep the idiots at bay and to stop them fking it up for the rest of us.

  8. True, it won't do much, but from recent memory when enough pppl balked at the immigration bill it was killed off, so yeah they pander to corp. $$$ but we do elect them so they have to listen at least a bit.
    It's better then just complaining on a forum right? That's what the power that be hope we just complain and re-elect.
  9. C'mon now. Writing would have been effective back when politicians were somewhat concerned with their image.

    What kind of reaction do you think someone like Paulson will have on a harshly worded letter when so many in his clan are making billions?

    Toilet paper.

    What people need to do is stop working. No W-2's. Send uncle sam a Big F-U
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