If you don't have laptop, when traveling around countries? How to run Trading apps

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  1. Hi,

    I think title of thread tells everything. If i want to run full version of IB TWS or Tradestation, without having to download it on someones desktop and extracting it.

    I know you can't install them on external drive and run it from there .. is there a way around it ? Thanks.
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    Complex fix. Buy a laptop.
  3. drm7


    Rent a VPS and install it there. Log into VPS from remote computer and do your thing. Speedytradingservers dot com (no affiliation) or simply an AWS/Google Cloud instance should work, as long as you have a good ping to whatever server you are using.
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  4. Thank you ,, i didn't know that.
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  5. Interesting .. can you explain how AWS /google cloud instance, i looked and not sure which products on cloud from them i need to apply for .. thanks for suggestions.
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    Even better: don't trade while traveling.

    When working a regular job one also takes time off during traveling. I never understood why these questions get asked, are some really that addicted that they go nuts when they can not check the markets for a few days ..
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  7. right, i'm not trading. Just want test Ideas on these platforms during my travel
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    There's also Windows on a USB stick and PC on a USB stick where you can "side load" TWS.
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  10. I was thinking of buying a USB stick where i can run apps ...any USB stick model recommendation? Thnak you
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