If you dont donate to Haiti, you will go to jail.

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  1. Two weeks after President Obama announced an initial $100 million for Haiti earthquake relief, U.S. government spending on the disaster has nearly quadrupled to $379 million, the U.S. Agency for International Development announced Wednesday. That's about $1.25 each from everyone in the United States.


    So now every taxpayer has been forced to give to Haiti and if you dont pay your taxes, you go to jail, so in essence if you dont donate to Haiti, you will go to jail.

    There are people in America right now who live in tents, who have no food, and who are sick also, but instead of going out to tent cities to help those people, we are helping another country.

    Dont get me wrong...Im all for people helping others in need no matter where they are, but I'm totally against the government giving away money that we dont have. But then again...If we are going to eventually collapse anyway...why the hell not? If our country goes down, lets at least be known as a country that stopped hunger and suffering in the world for a short time.

    But if the government actually is trying not to collapse, its not very smart to send dollars out of the country when so many here need just as much help. 379 million dollars could've fed MILLIONS of hungry americans. Or it could've bought a million americans some desperatly needed medicine THEY need to stay alive.

    So this is the thing...the government is no longer run by the people for the people. Its run by the people in power, for whoever the people in power choose to help.

    You live in a dictatorship America. Dont fool yourselves into thinking that just because you vote every 4 years you are not.
  2. I continue to be amazed at how much you can do with just a brain stem. Truly inspiring.
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    You can't be sent to jail for not paying. You only go to jail for fraud...lieing on return etc...
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    Endeavor to persevere gabby, you too may one day match his achievements, on just your brain stem.