If you didn't like Bush...

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    A lot of you that didn't like Bush are in for a big surprise. Any front runner is going to go after illegals and crack down on criminals. So basically there's not going to be no voice for the latino's that have had so much pull with Bush. If you think that if you Vote for Obama your going to get relief think again.

    The burn is on the black criminals thinking they will get a softer hand if he's elected. He is going to be tough as any candidate running. So people with special interest are not going to get a free ride this time around. The US is in big trouble and they already have it planed out what's going to happen no matter who gets elected. It's on cruise control. You'll see what I mean later.

    After the elections said and done you'll see what I mean in a few years down the road. Most likely Clinton will win but any front runner in this election is going to push for much tougher laws against crime and other policies such as immigration. So you might as well pack your bags now if your an illegal in this country and you have another thing coming if your a criminal that's been getting off the hook lately. Check out any of the candidates they want heads. Get ready for a serious face lift. 2008-2012 will be all business.

  2. You're dead wrong, at least about the Democrat candidates. The Democrats entire strategy is based on getting as many poor latinos in here as possible and registering them to vote, whether they can do so legally or not. They also cater to the criminal lobby, an increasingly important inner city demographic. Democrats have sponsored measures to give the vote to convicted felons in many states, assuming that such people will vote democrat.
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    Mexico is on it's knee's and will be even more so. You'll see. Something is going to happen and this will prevail.
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    I happen to know something about business and a huge change is going to happen that will change the current picture. I don't want to get in to details. Trust me.