If you day trade what do use for EMA periodsds

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jimclark, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. If you day trade what do use for EMA periods?

    What about MACD and Stochastics?

    Obviously these maybenot best tools for day trading but if you don't mind sharing what methods you use for day trade...will be appreciate.

    I am a retail trading don't have access to some info like mmakers/props do.

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  3. Hiya Jim,

    No method will be perfect, as you know very well.
    And day trading is a risky venture.

    I prefer to look for congestion areas, trend line breaks and symmetrical triangle breaks as entries, and then trail stops.

    Stochs, RSI, and MA's proved too unreliable to me when I day traded (I never had success in ultra short term trades)...though someone might think otherwise...

    Best trades to you...