If you could only trade three stocks?

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  1. We all have our favorite stocks and I was wondering what some of yours are. If you could only trade three stocks which ones would you trade and why? Thanks :) Carol
  2. That's such a hypothetical question. I know traders that focus on small groups (the homebuilders are the current fav of my colleagues). It seems so limiting to me to focus on 3 or fewer stocks. If you are looking for volume break-outs or other pattern based strategies it's a must that you scan a lot of stocks. If you scalp then maybe you can trade a single (or 3 stocks). Just my opinion.
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    Three stocks:

    GE, WMT, C

  4. ETYS, ICGE, and ONSL.............

    Oops there I go slipping back into 1999 again
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    if you could only trade 3 stocks, they would have to be:


    because any other 3 would be in play, out of play, too volatile, not volatile enough, spreads too big, too small, held, earnings, warnings, accounting problems and other assorted scandals and unexpected events.

    personally, I never trade these three (well sometimes the qqq's, but not frequently)

    but if i were forced to be restricted, this is what i would do.
  6. Some people (like John Bollinger) would say these are not stocks.
  7. only need one thanks.
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    Yes, well a questionable call for sure. But they look like stocks, they smell like stocks, and they quack like ducks, so they must be ETF's. And besides, who really cares about Bollinger and his bands? Those bands have never put out a decent blues album yet. Rap, and Hip Hop. Big deal.

    Yup, I agree. But IBM is not the stock for someone that asks the original question.
  9. THV, no.

    But, MSFT, GS or JNJ, QLGC, yes.

    And I would trade a 1965 Mays for a 1956 Mantle. And a 1945 Picasso for a 1952 De kooning .
  10. I have insomnia, and take my sleep when I can get it.

    So a while ago I would have said Wcom, or wcome, or wcoeq.
    Now, to do the same job, I would say palm, ericy, and sometimes sunw and jdsu do the trick.

    If I need a lunchtime nap, there is lots to choose from these days. Even good old intc can coax me into sleep nowadays. It used to make my eyes hurt on the L2., but now it makes me catch zzzzz's.....thank you liquidity traders....
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