If you could make money in 2007, then you can handle any market conditions?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by crgarcia, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. What a volatile year.

    I had great profits, but stayed for weeks on the sidelines, without placing any trades.
  2. 2007 had some excellent trading. are you an investor?
  3. lol.

    no way. this year was nothing like the worst years.

    anyone who thinks 2007 was extremely volatile probably has less than 3 yrs experience. check the period 1997-2002. vix was usually in the 20-40 range, peaking in the 50s. there were three days i can think of where the market dropped at least 6%, plus one huge up day (can't remember which year, it was due to a surprise rate cut), and many many days where the market dropped 2.5-3%.

    you've seen nothing in 2007.

    i'd say 2007 had average volatility. it seemed volatile only because 2004-2006 were well below average.
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    blackjacks right. 2007 is a punk ass year compared to 97-2002. shit in 2002 we had tons of 30-50 vix periods and tons of futures moving 10-20 pts in 5-10 minutes.shows you a ton of newbies on this board now
  5. I remember pre-2002.. those were the best years of my trading career.. trading breakouts made money 70% of the time,, it was just unreal.. Irrational exuberance :D

    In '03-'05 it was like night and day..

    '06 would have been another terrible year if it wasn't for all the home builders on my short list
  6. This was my best year since 2000. Two 100k months which the last time i did 100k in a month was in april 2004. This new year is the election year and my first election year trading we had no president at first.

    For those traders who didn't fair well this year don't sweat it. Trading is all mental and just work on the mental aspect of this game. Focus is key and take it Trade by Trade. Good luck in 2008 to all
  7. and anyone who bitches about the volatility probably can't find trades or make good money in the first place.
  8. I'd pray that such a volatility as was summer and late Oct, Nov 2007 to be forever!
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    It's all about adaptability.
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    all jim simons disciples here.
    i wonder how much do they make per year?
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