If you could live anywhere

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  1. and be a trader where would it be and why?

  2. Allaces


    Australia, western country with the highest quality of living, tropical beaches, laid back lifestyle and plenty of tanned pussy
  3. Japan.

    1) so clean
    2) ppl are so polite
    3) women respect men

    i'm tired of western women coz they are becoming more and more like men!
  4. Allaces


    I worked there for 2 years back in the late 80's.. time of my life..evidently it has changed now with the western influence and there is a lot more crime which was virtually non existent when I was there
  5. Drew07


    Zurich, Switzerland

    Awesome city, beautiful setting, and convinient location to the rest of western europe.
  6. What's the best area in AU for that kinda lifestyle? All I ever hear about - as an outsider - is Brisbane and Gold Coast.
  7. Allaces


    Surfers paradise and Gold coast are the big ones but the mega rich including Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) swear by Byron Bay on the NSW border with Queensland
    Also Western Australia is absolutely gorgeous, Perth perfect for yachting.. and if you are into wines the Hunter valley in South Australia is pristine.. Melbourne for cuisine, sport and entertainment.. Sydney cosmopolitan
  8. most crimes are commited/caused by "gaijin"(foreigners). i'm not saying there's no Japanese criminals but it's a fact that foreigners, especially Chinese and ppl from Middle East that do a lot of bad things in Japan.
  9. gimp570


    Florida Keys!!!!

    Island time....best place to trade....so laid back.....
  10. Allaces


    Honto? baka gaijin!!
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